Weekend Trip to Kebun Kebun Bangsar

4 November 2021


Hi there! So last weekend, we made a quick trip to Kuala Lumpur, specifically Bangsar area to visit Kebun-Kebun Bangsar. My mum had always wanted to visit this place since the lockdown happened last year but it was temporarily closed down because of covid. 

Okay so true, we do have our own pretty garden to admire, however, sometimes you just want a different kind of view other than the one you have. In our case, my parents in particular wanted new inspiration to further beautify our garden at home. 


At 8AM on a Saturday morning, we all huddled in the car and set off for Bangsar. Unfortunately, I can't share with you how the traffic was like post-pandemic in KL because I'm the type of passenger who just immediately sleeps like a log once I'm in the car. It also doesn't help that I'm not much of a morning person on the weekends. 

Kebun-Kebun Bangsar wasn't difficult to navigate on the Waze app. The parking outside of the premise was limited but since we were early, we managed to snipe the last spot. We arrived around 8:30AM when the weather was still cool but if we arrived an hour or two later than that, we would have melted in a pool of mush.

Entry Fee

It was FREE, but you can contribute a few ringgit as a contribution for the urban community vegetable farm to keep going. They also had a few volunteers working around the farm as we explored the premise.

Enjoying Nature in the City & Feeding Animals

I had my phone out and camera ready the moment I stepped outside of the car. The morning in KL looked really peaceful, a few cars went slowly past the farm and the air felt cool. There's a small entrance to Kebun Kebun Bangsar through a small gate. We scanned our MySejahtera app first, went in and dived into a picture-snapping spree. 

It felt like we stepped into the Secret Garden. The area behind the entrance looked very cosy, with a small greenhouse to the right that had boxes of animal feed you can buy from RM2-RM5 per packet. Beside the building was a snug hangout area with a campfire prop in the middle beneath the shades.
Going past the greenhouse, we walked into a stretched out lawn area with chickens and roosters running around, a couple of turkeys, and a peacock not subtly following the visitors for feed. Kebun Kebun Bangsar also got a super friendly sheep with really soft wool chilling by the shades near the visitors sitting area.

On top of the cute animals we could feed and pet, we definitely noticed just how surreal the farm is in contrast to the residential houses built around it and the Kuala Lumpur buildings in the distance.

There were four or five happy cows at the very back of the farm, busy mowing the grass for breakfast. Around them were carefully planted herbs of all kinds and we could actually smell the herby aroma in the morning air.

We were there on the farm for a good an hour and a half. Coming here felt like a good way to spend our Saturday morning. If we lived nearby, I could definitely see ourselves visiting this place more often. I really recommend you guys to visit this place if you're nearby in Bangsar.

Have you visited Kebun Kebun Bangsar before? 
Do you have other places in KL you've been to before and would like to suggest we visit next?