Embracing the Way I Look and Loving It

4 August 2023

I came across this cool blog post by Joanna Goddard where she invited her readers to share what they love about their looks. I think it's such a great way to make people feel good about themselves, especially when we're so busy focusing on other things that we can sometimes overlook to appreciate ourselves a little. 

I have always struggled with my body image and in my late teens in the 2010s, it was hard to pick at what I liked seeing about myself. Of course, within that struggle, there were qualities I thought “Okay, I actually look good good.” I liked how those years of taekwondo weekend trainings and swimming classes got me abs (surprise, surprise but now I don’t have them anymore). I had muscles in my arms and thick shoulders like a bodybuilder. I adored the braces that I wore for two years, coming to school in different rubber band colours covering my crooked rabbit-like front teeth as I fondly called them.

Then in my early twenties, I started to appreciate my deep gentle voice and my accent when I speak with people and in giving presentations. I discovered the wonders of eyeliner and experimented with different styles until I finally found one that suited me best. My girls always hyped me up when I nailed a fierce cat-eye or long winged liner looks. Even years later, the eyeliner is still my signature thing and I never leave the house without it. 

Now in my late twenties, I'm learning to value the aspects of myself that I used to loathe when I was younger, like being soft and girly. I would wear earth-tone skirts or wide jeans and my favourite white blouses with the puffed sleeves on a date with my husband. I like that even now, I can still test different eyeshadow looks each time we go out and he’d always notice them and comment “Damn, girl slay.” 

So what about you, what make you feel awesome about the way you look? 💃🏻