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For collaborations, guest posting, etc., feel free to drop an email at syazwanizzati@gmail.com. I check my emails regularly so I'll be sure to catch yours!

The Owls: Proofreading & Translation (TheOwlsPT)

I'm a dedicated English proofreader with over 3 years of working experience in this field. Not only that, I am also a keen freelance writer who is open to new opportunities in further building my skills of writing a variety of articles. You can check out my portfolio to browse through some of the work I've helped to contribute!

The Owls: Proofreading & Translation is a modest start-up business that I have established as a means to help those who are in need of services such as English proofreading, translation (BM - ENG), video/audio transcription and thesis consultation. You can reach out to us if you need help at our Facebook page here.

To browse more about myself and the activities I have partaken, drop by at my LinkedIn profile page here.

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