I'm Taking a Break from Twitter, I'm Reading More Books Too...

13 July 2023


Hey, I'm back. Sorry for the long radio silence, but I've been busy with other stuff online. You know, tweeting, aggressively and maybe a bit too obsessed with posting pictures of my new cat Nana, watching TikTok, you name it. I just felt like I had nothing new to say here, so I didn't bother. 

Okay, so maybe I should give myself a bit more credit than that. I had ideas on like: 

  • Discussing why Karens are the way they are from a linguistic standpoint. Random but I was curious.
  • Reviewing the books I read. I'm super proud of my finished books this year.
  • My weekend routine. I was curious to know if it's any different to before, when I was single.
  • Even a gratitude list, which honestly, I don't feel like doing unless it's about me adopting my cat and getting books at a good bargain.
  • My PhD journey. Update: I'm not sure what to comment on this. 
Reading books was awesome for getting me back into blogging. I love how good writers can make words come alive, and how I have to adjust to their style. It inspired me to try something like that, even if it's just a random blog post that I've been putting off for too long.

I'm also currently on a Twitter detox again because that place feels like a hot mess right now. Maybe it's just me, but I'm definitely noticing the insane amount of tea and drama on that app, arguments over somebody's tweets, very depressing animal abuse news (I can't handle that too well), etc. I was part of that audience watching these unfold until I noticed that it was messing with my mood and even conversations I share with others. I knew that it was too much when things like what was happening to somebody else and had nothing to do with me, was affecting me emotionally. I realised I needed another break, at least until whatever all "this" dies down. 

Question, has anyone tried Threads lately? The new app from Metaverse? I've been trying it since the second day after the app was launched and I have to say, it feels less suffocating. For now, my Feed is mostly of book recommendations, cats cartoons and memes, and Genshin stuff. 

What have you been up to since I last posted? Any news or fun stories to share? I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Let's chat! 😃