Nearing the End of My Master's Degree

1 July 2020

These last few months have been a crazy and dizzying ride for me. Between things like racing to finish my research project, digesting lecture notes and attending online classes, as well as contemplating to just sit in bed and simply not do anything, my mind has been everywhere but here. And it's true. If you can't tell by the amount of dusts that have piled up in this blog, I haven't been dropping by here for a long while. 

In fact, now that I've checked, the latest post I published was at the end of April. We're now taking baby steps in July already. How insane is that?

I'm not mad at myself for not updating about my life or any random stuff that I usually do. A few months ago while we were all pretty cooped up at home during MCO, my life was pretty slow, mundane and uninteresting. There wasn't anything that I did that was any different from the day before that. Back then, today felt like yesterday and the day before that, and the weeks and months before. 

Nonetheless, for some reason, things started to pick up the pace pretty fast a couple of weeks ago when I received deadlines to chase and once again, my life felt like it was finally in motion. 

So what have I been up to really? 

1) I got myself a new phone to replace my broken one. I'm currently using Realme 6 and it is just GREAT.

2) Just submitted my research report on Monday. I'm still trying to digest that I'm over it now. It's been a rough couple of months trying to get it pieced together.

3) I finished rewatching Tokyo Ghoul S1 two days ago and I realised again why I loved the show! Oh, and don't forget how gory it is, that I will never forget. It's a bit sad that only the third season is available on Netflix so I have to resort for some tacky website to watch the series. But yes, my opinion still stands: it is an awesome anime. 

4) My groupmates and I have completed our final assignment for our Critical Discourse Analysis course. This has been one of the most pleasant groupwork that I had. Really loved the positivity in this group and I've learned plenty from this class as well.

5) I've installed a new game on my phone called Exos Heroes. It's been two months since I started playing and it is really addictive. There's always something to do, challenges to complete and battles to win. It keeps you just busy enough that you don't get too bored or even overwhelmed by it. It's a fairly new game so there aren't that many streamers and YouTubers who are talking about it but the community is growing.

6) My two cats, Leo and Dessi are doing just fine. Still crazy and loud as ever. Check out Leo's story here!

7) My sleeping schedule is long gone since work started piling up and my time management went extinct. Things might turn for the better though now that I have more time for myself. I'm just left with figuring out how I can stop myself from having mysterious sunburns despite being indoors all week (solution: just wear sunscreen during the day).

8) I finished watching 13 Reasons Why S4 about two weeks ago. I actually loved the series despite it's distorted plots and character developments (Note: Ani is no longer annoying here, in fact, Jessica is). I felt there were some issues the producers could have handled better, for example, mental health. Clay was still hallucinating after dead people despite being many seasons later after Hannah died and the show just ended without explaining how Clay dealt with that. Overall, I would recommend people to watch it, but it's heavy stuff so it might not be everybody's cup of tea. Compared to S3, the last season seems like a better closure for the entire series so in a way, I'm sort of glad that I did watch it.

9) I have been OBSESSED with Patriot Act by Hasan Minhaj. It's an American comedy show that talks about politics and you can watch it on Netflix and YouTube. I love it because Hasan delivers hard and sometimes very complicated issues in an engaging way while also sliding in a couple of jokes. The team who helps to run the show does great research for each topic and episode, and by the end of the show, you'd feel mind-boggled. Truly, for real. 

10) I am surviving through the semester quite well. We have been opting for regular weekly Google Meets lectures and I think the additional pre-recorded lecture videos do a great job at helping us to keep up. The only bummer in my entire learning experience is the Internet connection. I have to tell you, some days, it's all good and then in others, the Internet just lets you down big time. It's still a thorn to the side sometimes but with classes being over now, I might not have to feel irritated about it on a weekly basis.

Anyway, that's all from me for now. I will definitely be able to post more regular articles soon. How have you guys been doing for the last couple of months? And since you're all here, I'd just like to thank all my followers for still being here and supporting my blog! I hope to hear from you all soon! Leave a comment to say hello! 


  1. I recently discovered Patriot Act and hooked to it! I think it's a good source of story/news. And hey, congrats on your Master's Degree!

    1. Hi Dids! Thank you so much for dropping by! And thank you for the wish. :3
      Yessss, I'm so glad I found Patriot Act too! I'm always looking forward to their new episodes. It's good for me to build up my knowledge on current issues, especially ones about the US.