❤️ Love Poems For Her

4 September 2020


Finding Bones

Why aren’t I ready for this show to end?

Honestly, I guess I’m just not prepared

For the curtains to come up and see the person that I am

Would there be bones of somebody I used to be

Or would I find something to fight for buried deep within this skin?

wedding-bouquet-png-transparent - Yandilla Rose

Learn to Let Go

You can try

But you can’t win it all

That’s just how life is

it’s this or nothing at all,

It’s okay to feel

You don’t have to hide

They aren’t holding you back,

You aren’t your enemy,

Don’t have to be strong

You don’t have to keep it all inside,

No heartache is easy cause love isn’t kind.

I know you’re scared

But you don’t deserve those scars,

Darling, you need to let go,

That love is beyond repair

There was nothing of you left,

You always wanted much more

And you never found it there,

Break out of that door and let go,

Reach out and know you’re not alone,

Keep hoping -

You’ll find yourself you thought you lost.

wedding-bouquet-png-transparent - Yandilla Rose

Losing You

I wonder if I could ever tell them the story of us

I was sure that I was yours and you were always mine, 

We crafted our own futures like we had a chance,

While the world lurked outside to rewind our time.

To freely love you we would have to stand up against them,

To keep our secrets inside these walls would hurt one of us,

To tell you how you mean to me would tear us apart, 

What if losing you is the only way for me to love you?

wedding-bouquet-png-transparent - Yandilla Rose

Hope you enjoyed some of my poems!

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