Sudio Nio Wireless Earphones Review

28 January 2021

The year has just started and I'm so happy to receive another offer for a collaboration review. This time around, I will be reviewing the brand new wireless earphones - Sudio NIO by the Swedish company, Sudio. This set of earphones was recently launched on 11th January 2021, so if you're looking for a brand new, quality and very affordable wireless earphones, you might want to keep on reading to know what my honest thoughts are of this product.

I know I've been saying this rather a lot recently, but I still find it bizarre that the products I received as of late have been VERY convenient and practical for me. Since the second or is it the third MCO started (I completely lost count), these earphones have been a good backup for me when I'm on the phone or listening to music all day. 

Altering between Headphones and Sudio Nio Wireless Earphones

I'm mostly working behind my desk for hours at a time with my steady and quite honestly, new headphones with music or podcast shows playing to keep me going. I realised that the thing with headphones, is that yes, they can be comfortable to wear for long hours, especially if the earpiece is padded with soft cushion-y material. Not only that, they do tend to have better quality and rich sound compared to other audio gadgets. But then there are also other problems that sometimes annoy me.

When you wear glasses and got a headphone stuck to your head all day, it presses down on the temple and causes quite a headache after long wear. Sometimes, it gets so bad, that I just don't wear my headphones altogether and listen to music through my laptop speakers instead, which in my opinion, doesn't give off the same experience.

I figured, I could save my poor ears and skull by alternating with Sudio NIO wireless earphones. And you know what? It's actually a good strategy. But first, let's see what Studio NIO is all about.

What Comes in the Box

The box with the earphones arrived PRETTY fast, I think within the same week or just over a week, and to me that is completely fine, time passes quite fast these days anyway. Everything was wrapped up securely, nothing was dented or appeared damaged. You can watch my first impression of the items after I opened up the box here:

I don't buy into packaging to determine the quality of the product within, most of the time, but Sudio NIO did come in a very solid, almost luxurious box. All the items inside were organised in a compact and accessible system. Here's what I got inside the box:
  • Black Sudio NIO wireless earphones and charging case
  • Mini USB-C charging cable 
  • 4 sets of removable silicone wingtips sizes
  • Instruction manual

Sudio NIO Wireless Earphones Features

There are some interesting features about Sudio NIO wireless earphones.
  • Can have 5.5 hours of playtime
  • Play time can be extended to 20 hours max with its charging case
  • Time to fully charge: 90 minutes
  • Dual microphones on earphone pieces + easy-to-reach touch panel controls
  • Compatible for both Android and iOS phones
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.0, SBC codec
  • Comes in four tempting colour options: Black, White, Green and Sand
  • Offers 3 years warranty period with Sudio Sphere 
  • Retails for: RM359 with free worldwide shipping
I was so tempted to choose the sandy-tan coloured set or the green one. I think all colour choices were great! Of course, I love the comfy black option that I have as well.

My Overall Experience with Studio NIO

Okay, now onto serious business. How was my experience with the NIO wireless earphones? Let's start from the very beginning. 


There is nothing overwhelmingly special about the design of the charging case or the earpieces, although its simplistic appearance does fit the minimalistic trend that we're comfortable with at the present. The charging case that holds the earphones feels heavy and solid, and has this satisfying feel when it is snapped shut because of the magnet on the hinge. Despite that, after some time, the hinge does wobble a little but perhaps it only applies to the ones that I received. The overall casing fits snug in the palm of my hand and can easily be put inside small pockets for safekeeping. 

Charging Casing and Earpieces

To pry the wireless earphones out of its casing proved to be a challenge, especially if you have short nails like mine. It fits a little too well inside its casing but at least to me, I know it won't easily slip out and fall if the top is opened by accident. The earpieces felt very secure on my ears and it didn't feel like it could potentially fall off even if I were running around the house, doing anything physically vigorous. I've always had this anxiety with earphones about this issue (wired and wireless alike) but it seemed that as much as it was fast-stuck to its charging case, it has the same ability to my ears as well.

Connecting to Phone/Laptop

Connecting the NIO wireless earphones to my phone/laptop via Bluetooth was a breeze. It took less than 15 seconds to open up my phone/laptop settings, find the Bluetooth option, paired both gadgets together and put on my favourite song through my Spotify. I was very happy with how easy and straightforward that part of my experience was.

Sound Quality

Sound quality wise, it was decent to me. I didn't get super crisped quality sound from the music or podcast shows that I was listening to, but everything was clear and somewhat balanced. I don't think NIO wireless earphones can compete with my headphones of course, however, it's not entirely bad. I can definitely see myself using their earphones when I'm chilling and watching YouTube during breaks, or fooling around in the kitchen. Adjusting the volume, as well as pausing or playing songs could be easily done with a couple of taps on the earpieces so that was pretty convenient for me.

Mic Quality through Phone Calls

I've had the same complaints from friends and work colleagues when I'm on the phone with them, and that is I have the worst mic problems. I'm not sure if it's just my line connection or phone, but people generally can't hear me well when I'm speaking on the phone. However, for some reason, I've received more positive comments about my mic quality when I'm calling using Studio NIO. My voice is a lot more crisp on the phone and less background noise. I think I have to pick up calls while wearing Studio NIO from now on to keep this up!

Best features of Sudio Nio

  • Decent battery life
  • Easily connect to phone and laptop
  • Really liked the mic quality, improved my phone calls
  • Feels compact and comfortable in my hand
  • Doesn't easily slip off my ears or hurt them after long wear
  • Sound quality was decent
If you are interested to buy your own Sudio NIO wireless earphones, they currently retail for just RM359 with free worldwide shipping. Be sure to grab my promo code for a great discount!
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Free worldwide shipping and 3 years international warranty with Sudio SPHERE
Purchase Sudio NIO at


  1. looks like a very good product !

    1. Hi Atie! Yes, so far it's rather good, love the quality and its overall simplicity.

  2. True. Earphone is very earhurting 😭

    1. Kannn! I thought it was just me but I realised that a lot of people go through the same discomfort. T_T

  3. cantiknyaaaa.. earphone sy pun dh hmpir rosak sbelah. haha

    1. Allahu.... dah kena consider beli yang baru. hehe

  4. Sounds like the best earphones so far! And it looks nice too, luxury.
    Anyway I love how detail your review is which would help people in making the decision wisely to buy it or not.

    1. Hi Lya!! Thank you so much! I wanted to be as honest and thorough as I could so others can consider their options. thank you again!

  5. sy kalau pakai earphone jadi sakit telinga pulak sebab terkepit :P