My Top 6 Presentation Template Websites

30 May 2021

I've always been very obsessed with making presentation slides. Finding the right template will always be my top priority (other than the content) and I believe that "wowing" your audience with engaging slides is important. 

Gone are the days when slides strictly consisted of white/black background with dull font colours (the worst when they're in red over a black background). Today, your audience appreciate not just your content and what you have to say, but also if your slides are visually pleasing and engaging. 

I have used several platforms to get my presentation templates from, most you can easily download to edit on Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Here are My Top 6 Presentation Template Websites:

1. slidesgo

A great website for anyone to find free and premium presentation templates and other graphic resources such as infographics. You can filter out the array of beautiful templates by colour and style. For the time being, there are 6 kinds of presentation templates you can find here:
  • Education
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Medical
  • Multipurpose
  • Infographics
Check out their "Recent" or "Popular" slides for the latest and trendiest templates!

2. powerpointify

Another favourite would be powerpointify. I think they have more variety of slides for different purposes such as creative, pitching, business reports, technology, etc. There is a mix of "outdated" looking slides here but you don't have to look far for some surprisingly pretty ones too.

3. PresentationGo

If you're looking for more options to spice up your slides, search for PresentationGo. You're not only spoilt with beautiful presentation templates, there are also charts and diagrams, vectors, texts and tables, as well as other graphics to choose from. All the designs are versatile and you can access the files through Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

4. SlidesCarnival

SlidesCarnival is a good alternative if you're looking for quick, simple and colourful templates to create your slides. All the templates here can be downloaded on both Google Slides and PowerPoint. 

5. Canva

This is a MUST-GO-TO platform if you loveeee pretty templates for all occasions and purposes. I'm not just talking about presentation slides but also posters, social media thumbnails, Instagram story templates, etc. There are plenty of elements or graphic resources you can use to add to your selected template to include your own touch to your slides.

Perhaps this isn't something new, you can now add animated stickers and simple transition effects to your slides for free. I had religiously used Canva back when I was doing my masters degree and occasionally received compliments for my presentation slides.

6. SlidesMania

I recently discovered this platform and the presentation templates hereeeee are *insert chef kiss*.

There are dozens of interactive presentation templates to download (accessible on Google Slides and PowerPoint), as well as designs for weekly planners, certificates, adorable icons, games and more. I didn't have the opportunity to use the resources here before but I definitely would give it a go the next time I'm called to present.

Honourable Mention

Now if you're an avid presentation slides user and looking for something a little more premium, you can also try It's a great option if you prefer to create slides on Powerpoint because through this platform, you can get access to not just PowerPoint templates, but also different kinds of diagrams (I'm obsessed with limiting as many words on my slides as possible), shapes, diagrams and illustrations to spice things up, and even templates for maps, tables and charts.

📢 Other tools you can check out:


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2021

    Like you, finding the right template has always been my top priority when making presentations slides. I always search on Canva for new templates but since we're doing group projects most of the time, we use the Google Slides which we sometimes cannot upload the downloaded templates ._. So thank you so much for the recommendations, it surely helps me a lot!

    1. Hi Husnah!! Canva is a really good place for pleasing-looking templates but yes, for group work, it's not really ideal. Last time I use it with my friends, we can't be online on the file at the same time or else the changes clash with each other. I hope they'll do something about this in the near future.

      Anyway, I'm so glad this post is useful to you. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Woah such a great post! Selama ni Anis selalu guna Slidesgo and Canva je

    1. You're welcome!! And no worries, I was given a lot of tips on finding pretty presentation templates from friends. Hope this helps!

  3. I might need this later. thank you so muchhh

    1. Hello Rayyyy! How are you?? I hope this list can help you when you need it. All the best!

  4. I always use slidesgo. Baru discover that website last year and so far its very helpful! All the free templates mmg nice gila and very pleasing to the eyes! Now that I started my internship (and will finish in 2 months), rindu nak buat presentation slides yg cantik2 and comel2 ;_;

  5. I always go for slidesgo. Tak larat nak merantau banyak tempat sebab nanti melilau mata nak pilih design hahaha