How My First Two Months in 2022 Went

27 February 2022


Hey guys, it has been a WHILE. And I'm pretty sure I've gone a little rusty with my writing because these days, it takes me a good chunk of hours just to complete one writing piece. It's like when that one brain cell is all is left while the rest take a long a vacation.

But anyway, I think a lot has happened since the start of 2022. And to be completely honest with you, I feel like I've gone through half of the year in just January. I really don't know why, time seemed to move extra slower last month and now we're living in February that's whizzing very quickly to March.

Before I start to ramble on about losing track of time, here's a quick wrap-up of January and a teeny tiny bit of February 2022:

January 2022

Makeup and Skincare Collection Spring-Cleaning

My special trolley that's dedicated to hold all my makeup and skincare stuff together has definitely seen better days. Since the pandemic and the many countless lockdowns we had over the year, a lot of my makeup were left unused. Some were practically brand new or I had only reached out for them once or twice, but I found that quite a number have already gone bad (can't explain it). Others have completely given up on living and expired or dried up (RIP Maybelline eyeliner T_T). However, it felt oddly satisfying to throw out some of my old lipsticks, dried skincare bottles and powdered products into the bin. What was left is more space on my makeup/skincare trolley and I'm back to when I first set it up. 

The spring cleaning was a good eye-opener for me as well since I learned that my skincare and makeup routine hasn't changed that much. I haven't tested anything "new" to add to my collection. Maybe 2022 can be that year?

Friends Reunion and a Taste of Tik Tok Inspired Pasta! 

I haven't seen my two friends who I met through my internship period in 2017 since just before Covid. It has been a long while and earlier this month, we managed to have a mini reunion! Thanks to Myra, we got a taste of Tik Tok inspired pasta over a long conversation and some laughs. I couldn't feel the muscles on my face after that was over. 

Mini Family Barbeque

We had a busy month in January. My family thought we deserved a small break at the end of the week and a barbeque with marinated chicken and beef was just what we needed! I can't remember when was the last time we had one, most probably before covid when we had relatives and the cousins over. 

And for the first time EVER, I got to try out s'mores! It was golden on the outside and an oozing melting goodness on the inside after the first bite. It turns out to be quite a snack although personally, I thought it was very sweet. I love sweet foods like ice creams and boba drinks, but s'mores are on a whole new level of sweet.

February 2022

My Birthday, creeping closer to my thirty series.

I had a nice small birthday celebration with my family just after Chinese New Year. I honestly wasn't expecting much this year and I was not in the best state of health to celebrate. But I had friends sending the cutest gifts over and my family got me a cake with meds as a side dish (that was a very nice touch).  It was a treat I didn't think would cheer me up so much after being holed up at home because of all the fever and coughing.

This birthday feels a little different because to me it is a reminder than I'm getting closer to my thirties. Am I excited, nervous or feeling completely indifferent to it? I can't tell, it seems like it's a good mix of everything and to be very frank, I think I'm mostly looking forward to it? Or not? See, I really can't tell. One thing for sure though, I sure as heck don't feel grownup. Am I supposed to be super wise and know-it-all about how my life works, because I really don't. I'm still pretty much going with the flow at the moment.

Of course, restock on some important self-care purchases (ehem!)

On a sadder note, I have not been consistent with my skincare that much during most of 2021. I'd slap some moisturiser and essence on, and then I was good to go. Even then I only remembered to follow my skincare routine at night. This year though, I take the time for at least 10 minutes to get through my skincare and just recently noticed some products needed restocking. This included my holy grail Loreal Revitalift crystal micro-essence and for haircare, Lucidol Argan Hair Treatment Oil.

The rest of my skincare collection remains pretty much the same as last year's. However, I am looking for anti-ageing products to tap into. I've been hesitant to try because I have sensitive skin that apparently hates anything new. It gets to the point that I'd feel it's a miracle if a new product works on me at all and stays long enough to be part of my skincare collection family. 

It's that much of a struggle.

I Had My Booster Shot!

I have friends left and right who received notifications for their booster jab appointments, while my app remained quiet. Not going to lie, I was a little restless about it especially with the sudden spike of daily new covid cases. Not willing to wait much longer, I went for a walk-in booster jab at the nearest vaccination centre to my home and within 15 minutes, the whole thing was over. I got boosted!

Previously, my vaccines were the AstraZeneca and for my booster, I had Pfizer. A day after receiving the jab, I didn't experience any serious side-effects at all. And this may be a little TMI, but what the heck, most girls experience this. I was going through the earlier days of my period and to be very honest, the cramps pretty much overwhelmed whatever discomfort I had from the Pfizer booster. In fact, the only noticeable changes that I took notice of was just fatigue and the need to sleep all day. The cramps champion over everything else.

After a day of resting, I was back to being old me!

A few honorable mentions:

And of course, I know how much popular my two cats are; Dessi (white cat) and Leo (read his full story here). They're doing really well over the past few months, maybe gained a kilo or two as well. Leo has grown an extra coat and he's just a walking buzzy ball of cuteness at the moment. 

How has January and February treated you guys? 

Do share in the comment section and we'll have a chat!


  1. looks like you had a good start to 2022, wishing that it'll only go up from here! overall, my january and february went as well as it could hahah. my semester just ended early february so i got the chance to relax a lot :D

    1. Hi! Yesss thank you, I hope you'll have a relaxing break while you're on it. >_<