From The River to the Sea, I Stand with Palestine

5 November 2023

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This is a blog post where I want to talk about a very important and urgent problem that affects me and many people around the world: the ongoing violence in Palestine. I have been using social media to spread what I know, but I also want to create a space where I can explain more fully the situation and my position on this crucial issue.

My purpose here is to help people understand better the continuous atrocities inflicted on innocent Palestinian civilians and to raise awareness about the huge difficulties that they face. My position is clear: I stand with the Palestinians. I strongly believe that we have to keep on informing others about what is happening in Palestine, pressure our governments and organisations to stop the war and restore the land rights and dignity of the people. Challenge the false narratives and the outrageous systematic killings by the Zionist Israeli occupation forces.

On my Twitter account, I will keep on sharing information and updates from trustworthy sources, news agencies, and individuals who are there. These sources include reporters, human rights groups, and experts who work hard to document and report on the situation. I urge you to follow these sources too to keep up with the changing situation.

✅Learn about the current situation in Palestine.

✅Documentaries on Palestine's history leading to the genocide happening in the present.

✅Books, movies, documentaries about Palestine & Supporting Them.

✅The Devastating Reality of Palestine Right Now

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