πŸ€— My Favourite Things in March 2020

14 March 2020

Hello everyone! How are we surviving? No, I'm seriously asking since I've been hit with the hoo-ha about the coronavirus pandemic left and right on Twitter. I can't even remember the day when Twitter isn't all about the virus anymore but then again, that just shows how much things have changed since then. With that being said, I'm doing rather well myself here with just one class each week which basically minimises the need for me to get out of the house. Just to put a disclaimer out there, I very much welcome this whole staying at home thing because it equally lowers the chance for me to be out in the world and... socialise. NOT that interacting with my fellow human friends is a bad thing, but as an introvert, I have to admit, I love spending some "Me Time" in the comfort of my own home.

Oh, and I'm broke so I think that sums up my entire situation at the moment. Travelling around KL will leave an irreversible dent on my wallet. I'm only left with one economic-friendly option - staying at home until my scholarship is credited to me for this semester. I'm still waiting for that amazing day to happen since I'm currently at Week 4 heading to Week 5. I mean... that's almost half of my entire semester already. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. Sigh... 

Other than that, I'm sort of coping with my final research project that's due in A COUPLE OF WEEKS MORE (*insert heavy panicky breathing here*) but you know, overall, I'm surviving. I had to change my topic earlier in the semester because of the lack of time in my hands, and to be honest, I think my current topic is a lot more interesting. I'll be sure to share with you what it is when it's all done and dusted later on!

But anyway, let's get back to today's topic - my favourite stuff in March! Of course, we're barely half way through the month but I do have some interesting things to share already. 

Tote Bag
I've never been like that girl/dude who went about my day with a tote bag to carry my things. Previously, I found them a little risky to use because of insecurity reasons. The opening of most tote bags that don't come with zips is usually very exposed and open. As a woman, I don't feel very safe to carry my things in there in public. BUT I grew to love these simple yet cute bags because one, they give me this aesthetic-ish kind of feel, and two, do you know how much stuff you can bring in these things?! Loads! For their simplicity, they can fit as many things as you want to carry. I don't put my personal items in there like my purse or phone but tote bags, in my opinion at least, is super great for grocery shopping or holding books and stationary for class.

Not too long ago, I received a new laptop to replace my old one which had served me well for the last 5+ years. I had to reinstall all the programs and software back to the new laptop. I downloaded WPS because I just wanted to try it out (plus it's free, sis is broke so please understand) and what do you know? It's UH-MAZINGGGG. You can customise the theme of your WPS window and mine is in freaking PINK. WITH CATS. What really got to me is that the button for a new tab is in a shape of a cutie cat paw! But on to some more seriously good aspect about WPS as I later found out, is that you can open all its other programs like powerpoint, word, etc in ONE window but in different tabs. There are even ready-made templates of documents like slides, reports, resumes, etc. 

More ASMR videos
I know, I know, I've mentioned this before in a previous post but I can't help it! ASMR videos are revolutionary. At least for me when I'm doing work and needing some soothing background sounds/music. It's like getting a nice brain massage... for free.
Some of my current favourites include videos from Miracle Forest and Made in France ASMR. I LOVE ASMR sounds of soft rain, fire crackling in the fireplace, crinkling leaves and paper. Just thinking about them got me snoozing off because that's just how much my brain appreciates getting a "massage" now and then. 

New Sets of Cutie Clothes
Ever since my birthday last month, my wardrobe has had a rush of change with new clothes coming in to spice up my daily outfits. I don't normally shop for clothes so you can still catch me wearing what I had on 5-6 years ago if you're lucky. It's the same for my shoes too. I only got two pairs with me - my everyday Sketchers and black flats. However, these days I'm altering my clothes between my peachie-coloured velvety blouse (a birthday gift) and new baju kurung. I swear, I grab at any chance just to dress up on a normal basis.
Related image
And that wraps up my post for today. For some reason, I felt it was very brief but it's something right?  I've included some of my own illustrations to add my own personal touch to this post. But I SWEAR, I can draw so much better if I had my drawing tablet with me. I might make it a thing for my future blog posts if they turn out to look okay. Until next time, enjoyyyyy!


  1. Agree about totee bag! Cute but insecure .. lorh.. Nice one, new laptop and cutie clothes! Enjoy! hehee.. May your day is full with great things ha...

    1. Hewo Nona! hehe Thank you for dropping by! And I hope you're staying safe during the restriction order. :3

  2. Assalamualaikum sis Syazwani, Selamat hari jumaat. Jemput sertai giveaway mac dengan 16 hadiah wang tunai terkumpul RM900.

    Sangat mudah untuk sertai. 5 minit dah boleh setel. KLIK SINI UNTUK SERTAI

    Jemput meriahkan ya. Kalau sambutan menggalakkan, boleh buat tiap tiap bulan.

  3. March is my favourite month since it's my birthday month weeee....

    1. Awww Ray! Happy Birthday! It's a confusing time, this month, but I hope you can find a way to enjoy your special day. :3

    2. Thank you so much. It went just fine and I am enjoying it.
      Yeah I found a lot of things to do but having a difficulty to choose what to do first. XD

  4. Interesting, i never really liked using WPS lol. But it mostly has to do with the fact that I don't own a printer and printing shops usually use Microsoft Word, and that sometimes causes some changes in my work. I rarely use tote bags but I love em for grocery shopping, hehe. Convenient and save 20cents

    1. I realised that it takes a ton of time to adapt to WPS. I've been using Microsoft Word most of the time. But I guess for me, I don't mind the hassle because to be honest, I pretty much prefer Google Docs over the two. It's more convenient and secure. And YES, 20 cents may not be much for some people, but when you add them up over the number of times we shop, it's pretty a lot. Plus, it changes the game completely when we go about shopping with pretty tote bags or something like them. hehe!

  5. I love your drawings, super cute!
    I'd do my own too if my iPad didn't died down on me.
    I like your March Favourites. Mine will be posted next month because it's still halfway to April.
    I like ASMR video. But recently I'm into funny ASMR youtube vid where a bunch of artist is required to cook a certain meals but they have to be quiet hahaha Kinda fun to watch. Probably going to download a few more for the next 2 weeks of movement restriction order.

    Like you, I'm not a fan of tote bag before but after I bought one out of curiosity, I fell in love with it to the point that I bought a few for me to bring to Korea last year.
    Planning to buy more in the future.

    1. Hewo Tqa!! Awww thank you!!! I did mine using a mouse, it wasn't easy but at least they're... recognisable? haha! I would love to read your March favourites, I'll make sure to drop by when you're done posting. Other than that, I've not been in the ASMR community long enough to know that there's such thing as funny ASMR videos! It sounds so interesting, I'm definitely going to watch a couple of videos.

      Tote bags are bae. That's it. >_<