🏠 What I've Been Doing During Covid-19 Restriction Order

20 March 2020

Not much. To be honest, I didn't want to publish this post yesterday when I first drafted it. It had only been over two days since the restriction order had commenced and there wasn't much to share just yet. However, overall, I can say that at least for me, things have been pretty normal. My lifestyle before the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has always been similar to what the current isolation looks like - being at home, doing my own thing and enjoying my privacy.

As much as I love being indoors, I miss being outside too. I am quite well aware of the other obvious changes since my self-quarantine started.  Here are some of the things that I noticed:

  1. I can't leave the compound of my home
  2. I can't meet my friends
  3. The future of my final semester is bleak as of now
  4. Classes are postponed, we don't have e-learning classes either
  5. Everything is about the coronavirus on the news and social media. Sometimes I get a little bit overwhelmed and I would shut off my phone. I'm very conscious of what goes out there without even looking it up.
  6. People can be selfish and stubborn in times of crisis. Earlier this week, on Monday to be exact, I was doing my usual grocery shopping to stock up my small supply of food. I was met with a crowd of people hoarding shopping trolleys and baskets, piling food supplies high which we all know would go to waste in the near future. Some brought suitcases while one lady I managed to observe, placed a basket inside of her trolley as if to stash one basket away from another person who would have needed it. It made my blood boil.

I'm currently at home with my family as there is nothing for me on campus. Since then, I've been in between keeping myself super productive or being a little slouchy. As long as I am somewhere on that spectrum, it suffices to keep me occupied while I'm indoors. On the working vigorous side, I'm continuing to compile data samplings for my research report. I'm quite lucky that they are entirely of online newspaper reports which I can easily do from home. When it comes to my occasional relaxed moments, they include these:

Farming in Epic Seven
This is Kise, one of my favourite units in the game. I took loads of time to equip her and make her strong for hunts. In fact, I'm still trying to perfect her especially to max out her equipment. Other than that, I also make do with the time by automating my Epic Seven hunts/side story while simultaneously doing something else. With the recent updates to this game, I don't have to come back too frequently to keep the game going because now, my team can do at least 15 runs without my assistance. I'm currently trying to "farm" or gain currency/materials to purchase catalysts for unit upgrade, particularly for Luna, another unit I'm trying to build.  

Bingeing through Netflix - Castlevania (TV Series)
Where do I begin with this animated series?! It's purely amazing. Even with the extremely gory bloody bits in the story, the characters are amazing and I'm loving the plot. Initially in the first two seasons, it centers on three main characters - Trevor Belmont, a demon hunter, Alucard, a half vampire, half human, and Sypha Belnades a magician speaker. They worked together to stop Dracula's genocide on humanity along with his troops of night creatures in Wallanchia. I've just managed to start with Season 3 now and I'm taking my sweet time to enjoy the last season of the show. I'm not sure what to expect but I'm in for the ride.

Catching up with my Sims
I'm new to playing the Sims so I'm still trying to get the hang of this game. It's actually one of my first purchased game on my laptop which I previously didn't have the time to pamper myself with. For me, this kind of game is ideal to pass the time as it does require my attention to make sure my Sim character doesn't do anything stupid, like yesterday, she randomly jumped inside a dumpster and made herself stink. I still don't know why she did that till today. So far, I've celebrated two of her birthdays and to my horror, her second birthday marked her as an elderly and within seconds, my thriving and successful Sim, turned into an old woman. I-- 

Image result for shock gif

It was either just me or her, but I didn't manage to get her to marry anyone. She did have a relationship with this really cool guy from her neighbourhood, but he liked to keep the relationship low-profile. In the end, neither of them made the move to be something more serious. Sis was frustrated. I wanted to see kids!!!

Playing with my two cats
Or not...

Related image
More updates will come soon! But in the meantime, how are you guys doing with the restriction order at home/work? What do you do to keep yourself busy or relaxed? Let's keep ourselves safe wherever we are and hope that this virus pandemic will be over soon.

I edited this template from Canva for my new laptop wallpaper. Haha! It's pretty cute!


  1. It's good to read that you have things to busy yourself with. Talking about The Sims, it reminds me of my childhood omg!! I used to play it with a lot of cheat codes hahaha

    I'm worried abt my studies too but inshaallah hopefully we can hear good news soon!

    Haven't done anything much so far but just keeping myself updated with lecturers' announcement, finishing the assignments on plate, reading books, watching kdramas and making a comeback to my old hobby which is blogging. hehe.

    Stay healthy and stay safe as well! <3

    1. There are cheat codes??? I need to browse through a few, might help with my progress in the game! And you sound like you've been busy too! I applaud to you for having the drive to still manage your studies and at the same time, balance your hobbies. I think this is a great time to rediscover them. Can't wait to see more future posts from you and in the meantime, stay safe! Thank you for dropping by!

  2. I have few things that I have planned to do but for now, I only manage to do one thing only, which is playing with cats and kittens <3

    1. I think it's great that your kittens and cats are getting your undivided attention! And no worries you'll go through the list of planned activities soon enough. :3

  3. Selfish people make me angry too and I also get overwhelmed when I read the news nowadays.

    1. RIGHT? I don't understand how they could do that when clearly there are also others who are just as desperate, or more. And with continuous discussions about the covid-19 on social media, it's understandable if some of us find it too overwhelming to face. I even muted the word coronavirus from appearing in my Twitter timeline until I'm ready to read about them again. I just need some "virtual air" to breathe a little. Hahahah!

  4. Of course, staying home would be much much better if you have cats!
    Lazy me doing nothing for the past week which I shouldn't! I got lots of works to do yet still procrastinating.*slapme

    1. Hahah *face-palm self too* I'm currently in your situation. Doing everything I can except for my work. It's almost getting out of hand but I enjoy it too much. >_<
      However, I do make sure to come back and sit down to face reality again. Sis can't run too far.

  5. That is one cute wallpaper that you made. Fly me to the moon.
    Binge watching a lot of my favourite korean shows and some of my fave groups' comeback videos that I didn't get the chance to watch it yet.

    Speaking of The Sims, I am playing it too when I play it for the first time, I I was so frustrated about how fast the sims getting old at. The second time I managed to make my sims pregnant out of wedlock hahaha and now the mother and the daughter is now dead, becoming a ghost and still live together in the house, one as an astronaut and the other as a hacker/professional gamer. But I got that Sims for free when Origin gave it out for free out of nowhere.
    Now I am enjoying downloading mods for my sims.

    My RMO activities has been the same as my normal daily lives. Eating, gaming, sleeping haha

    1. I know right! was just about to get the hang of the game and she aged decades of years ahead. T_T My friend told on me on Twidder that we can make an anti-aging potion that slows/stops their ageing but I'm not sure if it's available on Sims 3 which is the one I'm playing on now. But I love how twisted the plot of your sims lives went and I thought mine was dramatic enough! hahah

      Same. My RMO has been mostly sleeping, bingeing YouTube videos, gaming, reading people's blogs, etc (cycle that).

  6. Even bingeing got boring for me so now I also try to play some games. I'm playing this reataurant game on my phone that mainly needed time and some strategy. I always got bored easily with these kind of games and now I think I might go far init lol. That basket in the trolly story is so frustrating. Even if she didn't simply hoard the basket, why on earth you think that you needed to fill an entire trolley + basket?

    1. What game are you playing??? It sounds interesting to me. hehe I used to loveee Restaurant City until they removed the game from Facebook. I think that was the only restaurant-related game I ever played.