Brainzyme Review — Focus, Motivation and Energy

19 October 2020


With the year rounding up to an end in just a couple of months away, work has been starting to pile up and up with no end in sight. Anyone else is going through this too? I’m a research assistant at the University of Malaya with a couple of tasks on my plate, searching for my next job and juggling all that with a never-ending stream of new proofreading projects. Things have never been so chaotic and busy for me. But then again, I’m kind of living for it. I like being up on my feet and staying busy when I can.

Coincidentally, I was recently approached by a representative from Brainzyme who was kind enough to offer me their supplement products to review. Brainzyme offers a large range of products that mostly aims at enhancing your cognitive performance. Out of all their products that they have, I was given two which were Brainzyme Focus Original (Mild Formula) and Brainzyme Focus Pro (Strong Formula).

Just like I did with my previous sponsored post, I gave these supplements a fair try for a week and now I have my personal verdict ready. Also note that my review is purely from my own experience from consuming both supplements.

What is Brainzyme?

Brainzyme is a UK-based company of brain enhancer supplements that claim their products can scientifically support four main areas of our brain - focus, concentration and energy memory. Their products are all made out of natural plant-based ingredients that have been scientifically tested. As far as my research goes, the products are all halal as well as the ingredients used in their products are vegan, which also includes the protein extracts.

Some of their ingredients include:
  • Matcha - Contains components that can enhance concentration and also high in antioxidants 
  • Guarana seeds - Contains natural caffeine that keeps fatigueness at bay when you need the energy to stay alert
  • Ginkgo Biloba - Packed with antioxidants and also improves blood flow to the brain for better function and well-being
Of course, I had my skepticisms still, as I always have towards supplements and pills that claim to help with our cognitive function. However, I did feel a sense of relief when I found out that compared to certain product brands, Brainzyme supplements are all fully compliant with UK regulations, including the Standards of the British Department of Health and other agencies to name a few. 

My Honest Review of Brainzyme

I was given  Brainzyme Focus Original (Mild Formula) and Brainzyme Focus Pro (Strong Formula), the first one being the mildest out of the two. I used all two products across the week that I especially allocated to test them out for myself. 

Now you probably didn’t know this, but I have never been a fan of medicines, particularly pill capsules because I have always had a difficulty swallowing them. Obviously, since I’m alive and standing today, none of the pills I consumed throughout my life successfully clogged up in my throat as I feared. Brainzyme supplements felt surprisingly easy to swallow down with water and before I knew it, I was done with it.

Now as for the supplements and if they worked for me — they did! I’m not sure if it’s just a placebo effect or some other factors that made it work, but whatever it is, Brainzyme Original definitely boosted my sense of alertness and motivation to complete my work for the day. Once consumed, it took a couple of minutes for the “effect” to come into action and for the next few hours of the day, my fingers were flying over my laptop and I actually managed to complete all my tasks.

My mum also joined in the bandwagon to test the Original as she had her own fair share of work from home too. However, in her case, it took the pills a while to take into effect. I guess that’s where the Brainzyme Focus Pro came in. This time and with the same amount of consumption of 3 pills a day, I felt the effect faster and lasted for a longer duration of time. I’m a procrastinator at heart and one reason for this is highly because of my lack of concentration. I get easily distracted by other tasks while doing something else. But for once while I was testing the Brainzyme supplements, I had work done in one go instead on innumerable separate occasions. 

I did not experience any obvious side-effects from consuming Brainzyme’s supplements which I guess is great. Of course, for different consumers, our experiences with the products may vary. If you’re on a look-out for a brain enhancer product that helps with focus and concentration, then I’d recommend Brainzyme to get your work done.

With that, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my review. If you want to know more about Brainzyme and how to get their products in your hands, visit their website here. 

AND if you’re a fellow Malaysian reader, you can get more discounts on your first purchase by using the code ‘MALAYSIA5’ to get an extra 5% on top of your 15% discount!


  1. to consume meds im scare ada side effect in future but take care sis :)

    1. Meds can be a little scary, even for me! However, with Brainzyme, these pills are actually considered as supplements and not medicines. The same kind of pills you and I take for vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, etc. Except in this case, Brainzyme products are really centred on cognitive concentration, memory, mood, etc.

      Thanks for dropping by to read my post, Zieya!!

    2. aaaa then its okay... looks like a good product to consume then