I Dream Better | Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow Review

16 October 2020

You know, when I was first approached by Best in Singapore about testing out a pillow from Origin, it wasn’t hard at all for me to say ‘yes’. One reason is partly because my own pillow that I had prior to acquiring the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow was in complete shambles. And there’s also something so insufferable about a bad pillow not helping to support my posture after spending hours of holding my neck up from breaking in half after working in front of a laptop all day. 

I may be a little dramatic but 2020 has been nothing but dramatic so far. It is how it is. Of course, despite this being a sponsored post, I’m pretty serious about putting out my honest review of my experience of using the pillow. I have tested the pillow for almost a week now and I’m ready to write out my thoughts on it.

What Comes in the Box?
Source image: Origin Mattress Singapore

You see, I haven’t had that many experiences with different kinds of pillows, but the Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow does feel a whole lot different to the ones I had. It was recently nominated as one of the top 8 best pillows in Singapore (take a look at this article here for more on this: Best 8 Pillow in Singapore) and I can honestly see why.

When the box with the pillow arrived, I was thrilled (hey, it’s my first sponsored post, it hits differently) and immediately opened up the package. It comes in a big blue box wrapped with layers of plastic to secure the pillow inside. Nothing looked like it was out of place. Great!

The Secrets Beneath the Pillow Cover
Source image: Origin Mattress Singapore

After I removed all the packaging out of the way, I finally had the pillow in my hand. I felt the soft tencel fabric that is the removable cover for the pillow and it felt so soft and cooling to the touch. The great thing about the cover is that it's hypoallergenic (won’t easily cause allergic reactions for those with sensitive health conditions), washable via washing machine and helps to keep the pillow's lifespan longer. I have the worst sinus problems in the morning and even after changing pillowcases, it sometimes doesn’t go away. Based on my experience with using Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow and its cover, I’ve been waking up almost sinus-free every morning for the past one week. Turns out that this pillow is very durable against dust accumulation, bacteria and mould problems. Now let’s get straight to the pillow itself because that’s what’s truly important here. True to its name, the pillow is made out of natural latex that seems to softly hug the shape of your head and still gives you the support it needs. It’s not like one of those very plush feathery pillows that swallow our head whole like we’re accustomed to. If you seek better head support and spine relief like I do with my kind of lifestyle, this pillow does its job.

My Thoughts on the Pillow?
The Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow feels like a dream to sleep on. I haven’t had much sleep these past few weeks and suffered through many painful neck aches because of work, but after lying down on the pillow for a couple of hours, I actually felt a lot better. Not to say that it cures my problems, but I got better sleep quality than I had in awhile. The first time I slept on the pillow, it did smell slightly strong of latex being that it is a natural latex pillow. However, the scent gradually fades over time and it didn’t bother me much afterwards. 

It costs RM400 for an Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow which, for some, can be a very pretty price tag to pay for. But looking at several pointers, investing in your own quality sleep and rest, as well as the benefits the pillow has to offer, it feels like it’s worth your every penny. Some of those benefits include:
  • 1 Week Delivery only if you order for the pillow online. I was so surprised by how fast I got mine!
  • 7-day free return option that allows you to return the product to Origin’s warehouse if you’re not satisfied with it
  • 2 years warranty which I think is pretty impressive
  • Designed in Germany and made locally in Malaysia
So if you’re slightly tempted to know more about this pillow, hop on to Origin’s links below!

Featuring Origin founders, Shaun and Gee. Credit to Express Photography.

Origin Mattress

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  1. Replies
    1. It issss. I slept like a baby all week when I tested it. 🤣

    2. got to get it soon ahaha

  2. It was really an enjoyable read! I'd probably buy the pillow in the future. 😍

    1. Hehe thank you so much for reading!! I'm so glad I could make it an enjoyable read for you.

  3. I need a super comfy fluffy pillow too >︿<
    But, looking at the price....my wallet is crying a river 💸

    1. I can understand, it is a little pricey, even for me. But good pillows that come with health benefits do come with a pretty price tag. However, if it helps, you can always survey for similar pillows that are more budget friendly. Some cost just over RM100 if you know where to look! hehe thanks for reading, Ema!!

  4. Congratulations on your first sponsored post! The quality of a pillow really affect your sleep. I used to not care about my pillow. I bought a high quality pillow during last MCO and oh boy was I wrong.

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by, Nurul!! Yes, even if you're tired to the bones, a good pillow can make a HUGE difference.